Now in its eighth year, REWF has become a reliable annual gathering that spotlights industry leading as well as up-and-coming female executives in commercial real estate, specifically emphasizing the achievements of women who are active developers, investors, owners and operators of investment real estate.

The core DNA of the event is a commercial real estate conference focused on trending and emerging real estate market issues where the entire speaker faculty is comprised solely of women. Attendance is open to all.

This year’s conference includes a slate of panels on leadership, development and construction trends, emerging innovations and technology, as well as finance and investment activity. In addition, we are hosting four private peer-to-peer roundtables for select leaders in CRE, multifamily, development and company leadership roles.

Recruitment has started. Reach out if you’d like to get involved on stage or in a closed-door roundtable. Or register now to take advantage of the pre-launch registration rate.


Kate Bicknell

Kate Bicknell
Head of New York Development
Oxford Properties Group

Megumi Brod

Megumi Brod
Senior Vice President, Regional Development Officer, Northeast Region
Rockefeller Group

Gena Cheng

Gena Cheng
Managing Director

Helena Durst

Helena Durst
Durst Organization

Nancy Goldsmith

Nancy J. Goldsmith
Managing Director of Property Operations

Johanna Greenbaum

Johanna Greenbaum
Planning & Development Director
Sidewalk Labs

Jill Homan

Jill Homan
Javelin19 Investments

Elizabeth Judd

Elizabeth Judd
Konover Commercial

Inna Khidekel

Inna Khidekel
Managing Director, Capital Markets Group
Bridge Investment Group

Hope Knight

Hope Knight
President and CEO
Greater Jamaica Development Corporation

Sharon Liss

Sharon Liss
Managing Director
Sugar Hill Capital Partners

Alisa Mall

Alisa Mall
Director of Investments – Real Estate & Natural Resources
Carnegie Corporation of New York

Clare Newman

Clare Newman
Chief of Staff & EVP
Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation

Donna Preiss

Donna Preiss
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dana Roffman

Dana Roffman
Managing Director
Angelo, Gordon & Co.

Shazia Shahid

Shazia Shahid
SVP of Development

Katie Kennedy
Vice President
Capital One

Joanne Podell

Joanne Podell
EVC, Retail Services
Cushman & Wakefield

Laurie Stanziale

Laurie Stanziale
Tarter Krinsky & Drogin

Featured Participants

  • Amy Ankeles, Pinnacle City Living
  • Erin Beitz, Carmel Partners
  • Terri Belkas-Mitchell, Xenolith Partners
  • Juliet Cullen-Cheung, Steiner NYC
  • Patricia Dunphy, Rockrose Development
  • Megan Guy, Simone Development
  • Abby Hamlin, Hamlin Ventures
  • Miriam Harris, Trinity Place Holdings
  • Kate Hemmerdinger Goodman, ATCO Properties & Management
  • Beth Judd, Konover Commercial
  • Andrea Kretchmer, Xenolith Partners
  • Meghan Kruger, Seritage Growth Properties
  • Andrea Lawrence, HAP Investments
  • Shani Leibowitz, Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation
  • Lesley Lisser, Invesco
  • Kelley Lovshin, Boston Properties
  • Arlene Maidman, Townhouse Management Company
  • Jennifer McCool, Related
  • Nicole Meyer, Kushner Companies
  • Kelley Napolitano, Forest City New York
  • Helen Nitkin, HB Nitkin
  • Janette O’Brien, KeyBank
  • Amy Pearl, Silverback Development
  • Rosalin Petrucci, JG Petrucci Co
  • Sara Queen, Mapletree US Mangement
  • Sherry Rexroad, BlackRock
  • Samantha Sax, Elad Group
  • Sara Shank, Beacon Capital Partners
  • Marla Siegel, New Holland Residences
  • Julie Smith, Bozzuto
  • Charlotte Sturgis, Rose Associates
  • Caroline Vary, Jonathan Rose Companies
  • Laura Yablon Rapaport, L&L Holding Company
  • Teodora Zobel, Midwood
  • Julie Zuraw, Argo Real Estate


7:45 AM

Networking Breakfast

Hosted by:

8:00 AM

Breakfast Workshop: TBD

8:30 AM

Welcome Remarks

8:40 AM

Keynote (to be revealed)

Hear from one of the most prominent women in the country, as she discusses the challenges and breakthroughs on the road to the top. Who was her mentor? What risks did she take? How did she overcome hardship and resistance? And how is she facilitating the success of other women looking to emulate her success? Join us as we hear her stories of hard-won lessons that will inform and inspire!

9:15 AM

Changing the Face of Real Estate: Development & Construction Trends

E-commerce, changing demographics & lifestyles, wellness & sustainability, rising interest rates, smart technologies, labor constraints, and an affordable housing shortage are just a few of the many opportunities and challenges forcing change in development and construction. No doubt, 2019 will be a transformative year in real estate, and a growing number of women executives are leading the way. Join us to hear from top women in development and construction who have their fingers on the pulse of the latest trends, as they lead their organizations into the next cycle of real estate development.

Questions to be addressed include:

  • How do you see Amazon’s new HQ in LIC affecting new development opportunities in NYC?
  • What innovations, such as micro-units, modular construction, mass timber or beyond are you pursuing?
  • What are your strategies for working with skyrocketing construction costs, union and non-union labor?
  • How do you best take advantage of Opportunity Zones before the window closes?
  • Where are you looking for new development sites? How does NYC compare to opportunities elsewhere?

10:00 AM

Room at the Top: Organizational, Industry & Social Leadership

While the number women taking leadership positions in real estate has been increasing, there is still much room for improvement, with only about 10% of C-Suite roles held by women and a persistent pay gap for those who do occupy such roles. Outside the C-Suite, leadership takes many forms, from civic leadership to mentoring others, as well as thought leadership to guide the industry as it transforms and addresses key challenges. Join us to hear from top women as they discuss leadership in all its forms as well as paying it forward through mentorship.

Questions to be addressed include:

  • How do you define leadership, and how do set your leadership goals?
  • What do you see as the key success factors to become a master at organizational leadership?
  • How important is social / civic leadership to you? What areas do you focus on, and where is more leadership needed?
  • Given today’s state of the market, what are you doing to help transform your area of the industry? What industry-wide challenges are you trying to solve?
  • In what ways were you mentored, and how do you mentor today? What tips would you offer up-and-coming professionals and executives?

10:40 AM

Networking Break

11:10 AM

Real Estate Revolution: Emerging Trends, Innovations & Technology

Innovation in commercial real estate is accelerating. A once sleepy industry averse to change is rapidly embracing technology as never seen before. At the same time, external events and trends are forcing change, creating unprecedented challenges and opening the door to new opportunities. In all areas of finance, operations, investment and development, new trends are surfacing that are poised to disrupt and create a new cohort of successful entrepreneurs and real estate players. Join us to hear from top women at the forefront of innovation in their organizations and the industry, to dive into some of the most relevant trends emerging today, with a special discussion of today’s hottest emerging trend: Opportunity Zones.

Questions to be addressed include:

  • What are the key emerging trends that you see having the greatest impact upon your work and the industry?
  • How is technology being embraced in your business? Where are you investing in new technology initiatives, and what outcomes do you expect?
  • How do you see development and operation of properties changing due to recent and emerging technology and demographic changes?
  • In what ways are you leading change in the transformation of cities and neighborhoods into more efficient, affordable and livable communities?
  • How are you taking advantage of Opportunity Zones? How do they work and what is needed to make use of them?

11:55 AM

Movers, Shakers & Dealmakers: Real Estate Finance & Investment Strategies

Deal volume and investment activity peaked several years ago, and the frothy days of 2014 and 2015 are behind us, ushering in an era of high asset prices and slower deal flow. No longer can you confidently point to a single asset class or geographic area as a major area of opportunity. The market seems picked over, creating challenges for those involved in acquisitions, investments and lending, and yet smart money stays active. Join us to hear from top women who lead investment, financing and lending activity for their respective firms.

Questions to be addressed include:

  • What are you doing to stay active today? Where are you sourcing new deals?
  • What are some examples of recent deals you have done that exemplify the state of the market and highlight the opportunities available today?
  • Debt funds seem to be the business-model-de-jour for many equity shops; how do you view this trend? How is it impacting the lending landscape?
  • How important are Opportunity Zones to your firm? How are you getting involved? Will OZs spur new levels of investment and development?
  • With interest rates continuing to rise, troubles in the stock market and continued political and global uncertainty, how do you see the real estate finance market playing out over the next year?

12:35 PM

Networking Reception


Roundtables are restricted access events-within-the-event. Each is comprised of a curated group of industry peers who share similar challenges, with the goal of generating candid conversations that lead to real information sharing and solution ideation.

Conference registration does not automatically qualify you to participate in a roundtable. The invite list is determined in advance of the conference.

If you are interested in joining a closed-door roundtable, contact Claudia Gutwirth at, to inquire. See below for a list of roundtables and participants.

9:15 AM

Peer-to-Peer Roundtable: Multifamily Leaders Roundtable

This by-invitation-only roundtable brings together leading women in multifamily development, investment & management, with their peers for candid discussions around shared pain points and solutions.

9:15 AM

Peer-to-Peer Roundtable: CRE Leaders Roundtable

This peer-to peer roundtable brings together leading women in CRE with their peers for a candid conversation addressing industry challenges and solutions.

11:10 AM

Peer-to-Peer Roundtable: Organizational Leaders Roundtable

This exclusive roundtable brings together women in C-Suite positions (CEO, president, managing partner, etc.), with their peers to explore solutions to challenges unique to their high-level roles within the company.

11:10 AM

Peer-to-Peer Roundtable: Development & Construction Roundtable

This candid, peer-to-peer roundtable brings together women in real estate development and construction to delve into the difficult challenges faced today and possible solutions to chronic issues.

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Claudia Gutwirth
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Sponsorship & Exhibiting
Amber Collins
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Throughout its history, the Academy’s Membership has featured thinkers and innovators from all walks of life, including U.S. Presidents Jefferson and Monroe, Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin, Margaret Mead, and many more. Today, the Academy numbers over 20,000 Members in 100+ countries, with a President’s Council that includes 30 Nobel Laureates, and a distinguished Board of Governors comprised of leaders from business, academia, and philanthropy.

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